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The Technology Driven Quest to Find Love – Dating Advice

Here at River City Matchmakers, we are all too familiar with "The Technology Driven Quest to Find Love." With technology at your finger tips you can't escape the constant lure of your iPhone, iPad or your computer to check for text messages, phone messages or e-mails from online dating sites. There is so much information out there online that you could quit your job and spend all your time hoping to find love on the Internet 24/7. All this work and effort, more often than not, ends up in frustration and disappointment. We hear from so many singles that are ready to ditch their technology and go back to the basics of meeting singles. People realize it's tough to measure sincerity in a profile or an e-mail. It's even harder to gauge chemistry with someone you have never met except via email and phone.

Keep Your Day Job

At River City Matchmakers, we do all the work, you have all the fun! That's how it should be in dating.  With River City Matchmakers there is no need to give up your day job in an effort to find love, 24/7 on the Internet.  The personal matchmaking team at River City Matchmakers do that for you!  At River City Matchmakers we meet with you face-to-face in our offices.  No profiles or pictures posted on the Internet.  We introduce you to local singles with similar interests and life goals.

Your New Best Friend, Your Personal Matchmaking Team

Some of the best dates you may recall were those put together by a friend.  Unfortunately those are few and far between. In reality, your friend is not a professional matchmaker. Our goal at River City Matchmakers is for you to have that same experience with our service. A friend introducing you to another friend! We get to know you, as we do all our clients. It's that simple. Utilizing your matchmaking and personality profile your experienced matchmaking team selects those introductions that most closely match your predefined values, interests, and life goals. This ensures you meet only those singles who you have the best chance for success.

Time Wasters and Heartaches

We have all been there, the great looking date that is so much fun to hang out with.  Conversation is great, along with everything else…so it seems.  You find yourself 6-months into the relationship only to find they don't share your relationship goals. At River City Matchmakers we work with serious, relationship-minded singles.   This ensures that you are not wasting valuable time and energy or heartache on the wrong singles and in the wrong relationships.  In addition and most important is River City Matchmakers performs background screening on all new clients. You don't find that on Internet dating sites.

No Games or Gimmicks

People turn to us because they're tired of games and are serious about finding a relationship. Our system cuts out the games of online dating and the gimmicks of speed and lunch dating services.

What Are You Waiting For?

See for yourself what so many Little Rock singles already know. We are the best way to meet quality local singles with local offices in Little Rock. What are you waiting for? Give us a call at 501-215-5006 . You will be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to get started. As we say at River City Matchmakers isn't it time to, "Live, Laugh, and Love Again!"  Let us show you how!

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